PAD 700 Public Adminstration

PAD 700: Public Administration

Course Description

Examines the field of public administration. Defines the scope and content of public administration and the relationship of public administration to other disciplines. Provides political, economic, cultural, and historical perspectives on the field and introduces current issues facing the profession. Sets forth the literature of the field and the inventory of skills that students must master in order to complete the MPA in Public Policy and Administration Program and the MPA in Inspection and Oversight Program.

Credits: 3

Required Text

Decisions in Philadelphia: The Constitutional Convention of 1787

Course Leadership

Course Coordinator: Judy-Lynne Peters

Online Education Resource Status: OER

Learning Goals

1.1Students will acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies of leadership and management in public governance.

3.1 Students will demonstrate reading, writing and analytical skills necessary for management & policy decision-making.

4.1 Students will understand how the public service values such as ethical behavior, diversity, equity, integrity,  efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism shape the formulation and implementation of public policy.

Course Embedded General Advising

Course Embedded Career Advising

Topical coverage expectations – what topics the course is expected to cover

 Brief Orientation to theProgram

  • Orientation to the MPA Program
  • The Program Reading List
  • Term Papers in the Public Administration Program — Expectations
  • The Field of Public Administration
  • Historical Overview
  • Governmental Institutions in a Political Context
  • The Profession of Public Administration
  • International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • The Future of Public Administration
  • Concepts and Issues
  • Organizational Structure
  • Laws, Policies, Rules, and the Exercise of Discretion
  • Human Resources and Personnel Management
  • Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
  • Financial Management and the Budgetary Process
  • Management Processes — Leadership, Communication, Decisionmaking and Control
  • Accountability and Ethics
  • Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • Regulation and Administrative Law
  • Emerging Issues

Key capstone project skills to be covered

  • Develop a literature review in proper citation format providing an analytical assessment of research findings on a topic.
  • Write a memorandum
  • Understand plagiarism, including how to submit a written essay to Turnitin.

Textbooks available based on the MPA loaner textbook program

Johnson:  Public Administration Partnerships in Public Service

Open Educational Resources by Topics to be Covered