PAD 754: Investigative Techniques

Course Description

Focuses on the discovery and documentation of corrupt practices in politics and administration. Provides an overview of the public employee’s obligations and rights and of the laws and regulations governing criminal investigations. Illustrates themes with case studies of white-collar crimes and scandals involving public officials.

Credits: 3

Course Leadership

  • Course Coordinator: Eugene O’Neill
  • Online Education Resource Status:

Learning Goals

7.4 Investigation and Operational Inspection: Students will understand how to investigate criminal and managerial fraud, waste, abuse and corruption

Course Embedded General Advising

Course Embedded Career Advising

Topical coverage expectations – what topics the course is expected to cover

Key capstone project skills to be covered

Textbooks available based on the MPA loaner textbook program

  • Bazley:  Investigating White Collar Crime
  • Anechiarico:  The Pursuit of Absolute Integrity

Open Educational Resources by Topics to be Covered