MPA Curriculum Changes

The MPA faculty has developed a set of curriculum revisions which were approved by the Committee on Graduate Studies on March 5th. The package next goes to the College Council and then to the CUNY Board of Trustees. It is expected that the revisions will be part of the Graduate Bulletin for AY 2012-2013. Students currently in either MPA program can earn their degree based on the new curriculum or any curriculum that has been in place since their current matriculation started – usually the semester they started their studies.

“These are not finally approved yet.” observed Professor Ned Benton, the MPA-IO Director. “Changes can be made at the College Council and by the University.” But the faculty thought the MPA students should be aware of the potential changes.  The following is a summary of the changes:

Update Mission Statement: The mission statements of the MPA Programs have been updated to reflect new NASPAA expectations, particularly concerning assessment.

Update MPA-IO Core: The core courses of the MPA Program in Inspection and Oversight have been updated. PAD 723 Assessments, Audits and Investigations in Human Resources is permitted as an alternative to PAD 702 Human Resources  as the human resources management core course. PAD 723 provides more content about human resource management that is relevant to inspection and oversight.  PAD 706 Bureaupathology is permitted as an alternative to PAD 705 Organization Theory and Management as the core course related to organizational theory and behavior. PAD 706 focuses on organizational dysfunction which is more relevant to inspection and oversight.

Honors Specialization in Justice Policy Analysis: This new specialization prepares students in policy analysis in justice and inspection/oversight contexts. Admission is  limited to students with a GPA of 3.5 or above, a grade of 3.5 or above in PAD 715, and   GREV and GREQ scores comparable to those required by the CUNY Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice. Courses are completed in the Policy, Oversight and Administration (CRJPOA) Track of the CUNY Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice, or in cross-listed John Jay College graduate course sections.

Students already admitted to the CRJPOA track who seek the MPA degree may satisfy their MPA specialization with doctoral-level versions of these courses. Students who complete these courses and who are subsequently admitted to the CRJPOA track may satisfy CRJPOA course requirements with these courses.

The purpose of the track is to offer an honors specialization, and to improve coordination with the CRJPOA Track of the CUNY Ph.D. Program in Criminal Justice.

Update MPA-PPA Law and Public Management Specialization: The changes reflect discussions with the CUNY Law School.

Add MPA-IO Forensic Accounting Specialization: This new specialization tracks what students have to do to complete the Advanced Certificate in Forensic Accounting. This specialization will support better advising by identifying the students intending to complete the Certificate, and by clarifying what they are expected to do.

Inspection and Oversight Methods Course:  Another methods course elective is added concerning analytical methods in inspection and oversight. The selected course is a required course in the Advanced Certificate in Forensic Accounting.

Law Specialization in Inspection and Oversight:  An Inspection and Oversight specialization is added involving law school courses, which parallels the Law specialization in the MPA-PPA.

Another change involves the possibility for student who major in Public Administration in undergraduate studies to be waived form taking PAD 700 Public Administration. Benton explained “The course used to basically review and introduce the field, content that tracked what student would have learned in undergrad courses. Butnow  the course has changed, and it focuses on professional and analytical skills that students will need to succeed in the program.”