Spring 2013: The MPA Newcomers

Welcome back returning MPA students!  May you be coming back to campus from a restful holiday reprieve.  This semester, the MPA newsletter will feature occasional student profiles as a way to build community among our large student pool.

This spring, 599 new students have joined the MPA programs at John Jay.  Among the pool of highly motivated incoming students, two new faces are Leslie Shoy-Baron and Michael Fenton.

Leslie Shoy-Baron

Leslie Shoy-Baron is a Brooklyn NYC native and a 2007 John Jay Alumni.  She earned her B.A. in Criminal Justice and received a Dispute Resolution Certificate.  Leslie joins the MPA Program to specialize in Investigation and Oversight.  Presently, she serves as a College Assistant in the Public Management Department.  Leslie has worked at NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) as a Child Protection Specialist investigating sexual abuse.  Later, she worked at in the Tampa, Florida Sheriff’s Office.  On completion of her Master’s Degree, Leslie is determined to work in government and continue her efforts in helping others.

Leslie says, “I was given the opportunity to work with children who have been victimized, and in that experience is where I developed the passion to help others.”  She aspires to pursue a Doctorate Degree in Psychology, and possibly open her own agency one day to help people in need from all walks of life.  Promoting healing is her mission.

Michael Fenton Jr.

Michael Fenton Jr. is an MPA candidate specializing in Investigation and Oversight.  He recently received his B.A. in Criminal Justice and a minor in Political Science at John Jay.  While pursuing his undergraduate studies, he interned at the New York State Attorney General’s Office and the Queens County District Attorney’s Office, where he gained hands-on experience conducting investigative analysis and conflict resolution.  His experience as a Consumer Fraud Mediator in the Attorney General’s Office allowed him to act as a neutral party to analyze and resolve consumer disputes with the business entities.  While at the Queens County District Attorney’s Office, he assisted Assistant District Attorneys in their investigations by analyzing documents, procuring log evidence, and preparing for trials.

Fenton says, “All that I have accomplished so far is just a beginning.  I plan on continuing on this path that will allow me to succeed academically and professionally.  The one driving force behind all I have accomplished thus far and will accomplish in the future is a need for change.”  He wants to pursue a career in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency or the United States Secret Service.