NYS Comptroller Reports: A Resource for Capstone Topics

image2By Professor Ned Benton

If you are looking for a capstone topic, be sure to check the New York State Comptroller’s Audits. This is a collection of more than a decade of audit reports of New York state agencies as well as County and local agencies and governments.

You can also search the collection by topic, so if you had a particular policy topic in mind, you could find all of the Comptroller’s audits related to your topic.

Using one of these topics provides potential opportunities in completing the Project Specification worksheet.

  • The client can be the official the audit is addressed to.
  • The action-forcing event can be the receipt of the audit.
  • The audit contains evidence which can be used in the Analysis of the Problem.
  • There are likely to be local news articles about the audit at the time it was released as well as discussions at official meetings.
  • The audit contains an agency response which might be referenced in the Analysis of the Problem.
  • The Comptroller can be a stakeholder.
  • The audit makes recommendations, and the options analysis can be a set of options to respond to a recommendation.
  • The audit contains financial impact information which can be used the the Options Assessment table.

There are other similar collections like those of the General Accountability Office and OPPAGA –┬áthe Florida Legislature’s program evaluation office.


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