MPA-IO Specialization: Health Care Services Inspection and Oversight

stop_fraudThe MPA in Inspection and Oversight program announces a new specialization – Health Care Services Inspection and Oversight. The specialization will prepare students for careers in the assessment, monitoring, regulation, auditing and investigation of health care organizations and service providers.

The specialization is initially only being offered on an online basis. Students in the campus-based MPA-IO and in the online MPA-IO can both complete the program by taking the following courses:

  • Public Administration 763 Public Health Policy and Administration:  This course provides an overview of the health care delivery system and policies in the United States.  Topics include: (1) a history of health care, (2) the organization of health care, (3) the roles of entities in the health care delivery system, including medical professionals, insurance companies, and governmental agencies, (4) large governmental programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act, (5) related health care services, such as long term and home health care, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and health care information technologies, and (6) the future of health care reform.
  • Public Administration 764 Health Services Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: This course explores the general phenomena of fraud, waste, and abuse in health care delivery, whether in the context of fee for service (FFS) or managed care programs.  Students will also learn about fraudulent practices in specific types of health care services, such as home health, pharmaceuticals, and durable medical equipment.  Students will also learn about some policy analysis tools that help identify weaknesses that lead to fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Public Administration 766 Inspection and Oversight of Health Care Delivery: This course reviews the types of inspection and oversight provided in the health care delivery sector. Topics include various federal and state level oversight programs as well as the statutes and policies they use to guide their work as well as their work products.  These programs include Medicare and Medicaid integrity programs, federal and state Offices of Inspectors General, the US Government Accountability Office, and Medicaid Fraud Control Units.  In addition, the role of compliance and internal auditing programs will be reviewed
  • Public Administration 767 Analytical Methods in Health Care Auditing and Investigation: This course explores the methods of auditing and investigations specifically employed in oversight of public health care systems.  Methods include how to investigate large data systems, perform data mining, review of Medical records, and interviewsuspects or witnesses.  Legal protections of medical records as provided by the Healthcare Portability Act (HIPAA) and other important legal considerations are also addressed.

For the Fall 2016 semester, we are offering the following courses:  PAD 763 and PAD 764.

For more information, please contact Professor Robin Kempf at rkempf@jjay.cuny.edu.

For more information about the field of Health Care Compliance and Fraud Investigation, the following are leading organizations in this field in the New York:

In addition to public agencies, there are professional organizations that serve professionals who are employed by health care organizations to for compliance assessment and auditing:

Questions and Answers

What courses do I have to complete? What will my degree completion plan include?

You complete the MPA-IO with the Health Care Delivery Inspection and Oversight Specialization

Core Courses – 7 courses
PAD 700 Public Administration
PAD 723 Assessments, Audits and Investigations in Human Resources
PAD 706 Bureaupathology
PAD 740 Public Sector Inspection and Oversight
PAD 742 Public Sector Accounting and Auditing (Prerequisite: PAD 740)
PAD 758 Ethics, Integrity and Accountability
PAD 771 MPA Capstone Seminar

Methods Courses – 2 courses
PAD 715 Research Methods in Public Administration
PAD 767:  Analytical Methods in Health Care Auditing and Investigation (Required option for this category)

 Specialization Courses – 3 courses
PAD 763 Public Health Policy and Administration
PAD 764 Health Services Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
PAD 766 Inspection and Oversight of Health Care Delivery

Electives – 2 courses
Two graduate courses

I’ve already begun my studies. Can I complete this specialization?

Yes. You should contact MPA services at mpaadvising@jjay.cuny.edu to get an updated degree completion plan. Depending on how far along you are in your studies, you may be able to do a dual specialization with one added class, or you may be able to switch specializations with no additional classes.

Which  courses will be offered which semesters?

Our plan for AY 2016-2017 is to offer PAD 763 and 764 in Fall and PAD 766 and 767 in Spring. In future years the number of sections will be expanded as enrollment warrants, and we would try to offer all four courses every Fall and Spring semester.