Spring MPA Research Assistantships – Apply Now

researchThe MPA faculty has identified available Differential Tuition funds to try out a new differential tuition funded program – research assistantships. MPA students will be paid to work with faculty on research and scholarship projects. The hourly rate is $18, and number of hours is still being finalized, but each project listed below will be authorized at least $1,000 for student employment. The funds will have to be expended, and the hours worked, by the end of June 2017.

The following projects are proposed:

Faculty Title
Benton Documentation of slave-holders and slaves in NY
Brown Education Policy and the New Trump Administration
Corbett Documentation of Civil War Infantries Comprised of Volunteer Firefighters
D’Agostino Social Justice and the Difference Women Make
Elias New directions for sex, gender, and public policy
Feldman Comparative study of inspection and oversight in US and Italy
Graham Democratic Impact of Student Participation in NYC Community Meetings
Kempf Government Accountability: Assessing Inspectors General Offices
Lu Performance budgeting and management in youth corrections
Mameli Using Airborne Drones for Firefighting in New York City
Nisbet Policies regulating private support for urban public services
Peters Documentation of slave-holders and slaves in NY
Rubin Impact of Federal Actions on State and Local Governments
Sampath Revenue Restatement at Bristol-Myers Squibb
Shapiro The IG Function and the Intelligence Community
Thompson Weather-related micro-insurance and disaster resilience
Wandt License plate reader technology and policy

To apply, email the professor and include a one-page resume and a 1-page statement about why you are interested in the topic. Professors will begin to review applications on Tuesday March 21st.

If you would like more information about the project email the professor.

Students will be appointed, pursuant to CUNY human resources regulations, as hourly College Assistants at the rate of $18 per hour, and will file time-sheets that have to be approved by the faculty member leading the project. We hope that research assistants will be authorized to begin service by the end of March.

Questions and Answers

Students have posed important questions about this project and when we answer a question of general interest, we will post the answers here to be available to all students and faculty.

Are online students eligible? Yes. Many project assignments will not involve work taking place in a specific office or room on campus so online students should apply.

Are BS/MPA students eligible? Yes.