Friday March 31 is Deadline for MPASA Candidate Declarations


MPASA is now accepting submissions from those interested in running for Executive Officer positions for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.  For those interested in running for a position please submit the Declaration Form by midnight on March 31, 2017.

2017 Spring Election NOMINATIONS

The following positions are available:

  • President– Responsible for implementing and carrying out all decisions, presides over general meetings, ensures execution of club Constitution, appoints committees and supplementary Executive Board officers. This includes delegating tasks appropriately. The President will oversee all records and fiscal matter and is empowered to sign check requests in the absence of the Treasurer. The President shall act as spokesperson for the club outside of meetings and the John Jay College MPA student body off-campus. The President is also responsible for maintaining positive relationships with the club, the Public Administration Department, faculty, and the Office of Student Life.
  • Vice President- Assists the President in performing her/his duties, and acts as President when the President is not available. The Vice President keeps track of the club’s progress in event planning and goals, facilitates and encourages other members of the Executive Board, oversees the Secretary and assists with paperwork related to Compliance.
  • Secretary- Keeps minutes of meetings and carries out necessary correspondence and related duties as assigned, such as keeping a roster of active members, sending out notification emails, thank you emails, recruitment emails; designs advertisements for club events such as flyers and email blasts. Meeting minutes must be taken at every general meeting, election meeting, and other meeting where voting takes place (i.e. Emergency General Meeting). Draft minutes should be made available within a week after Executive Board meetings and election meetings and within two weeks after General Meetings. Minutes are not official until approved by the President or Vice President. The Secretary is responsible for keeping paperwork organized for Compliance purposes.
  • Treasurer- Maintains financial records and performs related duties, such as signing check requests and preparing budgets. Consistently updates the rest of the Executive Board to the state of the budget prior to and following each event that will use money. The Treasurer actively participates in event planning by calculating the relevant costs.