Job Opportunity with The Yleana Leadership Academy

The Yleana Leadership Academy is interested in hiring for a full-time, year-round Non-Profit Operations Manager position to start immediately. The Yleana Leadership Academy is a SAT summer camp that is part SAT boot camp, part higher order thinking skills development, part leadership academy, part on-campus college experience, and part traditional summer camp.

Major areas of responsibility include driving revenue to our for-profit arm through sales and marketing of an extant product, overseeing budgeting and finance as well as spearheading programs and general operations duties.  This position has enormous opportunity for growth and is an excellent way to learn all aspects of operating a successful non-profit organization. The Operations Manager will also have the opportunity to explore relevant areas such as fundraising/grant-writing, event planning, youth development, and curriculum development.

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Yleana Leadership Academy

Interested in applying?

  • Send your resume and cover letter to admin@yleana.org. In your cover letter, please tell us where you heard about the opportunity, why you feel connected to our population, and why you want to work for Yleana
  • Please be prepared to take a diagnostic test, composed of pieces of the SAT, as part of the hiring process

Questions? Email admin@yleana.org

Priority Application Deadline: January 31, 2019