MPA Textbook Loan Distribution (Spring 2020)

If you are a John Jay College MPA student, you can request textbooks for spring 2020 by clicking here: TEXTBOOK REQUEST FORM.  You will be prompted to make an appointment by selecting dates and times to pick up the textbooks.  There will be NO walk-in hours so please make sure you complete the online form.

MPA students in the MPA-PPA or MPA-IO online programs, who do not live in NYC (five Boroughs), have the option of getting their textbooks mailed to them.

If you currently have outstanding textbooks from prior semesters, a CUNYFirst hold will be placed on your account.  This hold will prevent you from registering for class, making an appointment to pick up textbooks, accessing transcripts, and receiving your diploma.

To return your textbooks, you must complete this application, TEXTBOOK RETURN FORM and follow the mailing instructions found within.

If you have any inquiries regarding the MPA Textbook Loan Distribution, please email mpatextbooks@jjay.cuny.edu 

As always, you must bring a state or JJC student ID and a copy of your course schedule when you come to pick up your textbook(s).

Please DO NOT write or highlight in any of the textbooks as they will be used by other students in future classes. If you do so, you will be required to replace any damaged textbooks.                                                      

Please note: A block will be placed on students’ CUNYfirst account if books or iPads are not returned by the end of the return period. This block will prevent you from registering for courses, receiving financial aid, or requesting transcripts.

You must return all textbooks from previous semesters before you are able to receive textbooks for the current semester.

Before returning an iPad:

  • Disable FindMyiPhone on your iCloud account.
  • Locate charger and cable (Make sure it is an iPad charger NOT an iPhone charger).
  • Make sure your iPad is in an acceptable return condition.
  • If you don’t have your charger and all accessories, we won’t be able to take your iPad.