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MPA Career Services provides professional guidance in assisting MPA students with applying for internships & jobs, creating cover letters & resume, and career development.

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Spring and Summer 2019 MPA Post-Graduation Employment Data

Employment Placements: 142 of our students received MPA degrees during the spring and summer 2019 semesters. A survey from the graduating cohort produced 110 responses from that group. Thus, there were 32 unknown placements. Of those who have responded to the survey, 91% of the graduates are employed.

A breakdown for Employed Graduates: 10% employed by the federal government, 5% by the state, provincial, or regional government, 34% by the city, county, or local government, 23% by non-profit domestic organizations, 19% by the private sector (research/consulting), 7% by the private sector (not research/not consulting), and 2% obtaining further education.