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The MPA Advising program assists students in navigating the curriculum requirements of the MPA programs.  Deborah Washington, Giselle Blanco and Melissa Joseph help students to develop “Program Completion Plans” that reflect their specialization and course preferences. Then they assist students in implementing the plans, which may require additional services such as:

  • Assistance in selecting a Specialization
  • Getting courses transferred from other colleges or programs
  • Getting course substitution papers filed
  • Selecting courses for registration
  • Resolving IN (incomplete) grades
  • Resolving academic probation status
  • Completing the MPA Qualifying Exam (MPAQE)
  • Planning for an internship
  • Resolving graduation audit issues
  • Career search issues
  • Assistance with scheduling
  • Assistance with Differential Tuition financial support
  • Correcting or updating the academic record

Professor Judy-Lynne Peters supervises the project. She also coordinates  the administration of the MPA Qualifying Examination. Jennifer Heiney serves as the advisor to students in the West Point MPA Program.

Students can reach MPA Advising at mpaadvising@jjay.cuny.edu to schedule an appointment.



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