MPA Student Resources

Our MPA Student Resources are tools and information you need to succeed!

2018-19 MPA-PPA Campus Advising Sheet: 2018-2019 MPA-PPA WORKSHEET (2)

2018-19 MPA-IO Campus Advising Sheet:

2018-19 MPA-PPA Online Advising Sheet:

2018-19 MPA-IO Online Advising Sheet:

Applying for e-Permits:

Applying for Graduation: To File for Graduation

Declaration of Specialization MPA-IO: MPA-IO Specialization Form

Declaration of Specialization MPA-PPA: MPA-PPA Specialization Form
*Declaration of Specialization form MUST be submitted to Jay Express, located on the 1st floor of the New Building*


Graduation Checklist: MPAGraduationCheckList

List of MPA Textbooks: List of MPA Textbooks 
*Required Text for PAD 700: Decisions in Philadelphia is not available under our DT Loaner Program*

Textbook/iPad Loaner Form:  DT Textbooks Form
*Please bring this form, a photo ID and schedule of classes when requesting textbooks and/or i-Pads to 523HH*