Dear New MPA student,

Once again, congratulations on your admission to the MPA Programs at John Jay. Given the pandemic, this is a unique period for all of us. We have to make many changes to adapt to the challenges brought on by the pandemic. However, what does not change is our MPA programs’ commitment to equipping future public servants with the knowledge, skills, and leadership experiences necessary for the advancement of integrity, accountability, inclusiveness, and justice in society and governance. The program celebrates the diversity of our students, including those underrepresented in the leadership of public service. 

Despite the challenges, we firmly believe that you have the potential to complete the program successfully and become an excellent professional administrator. To achieve your success, during your first semester, it is important that you do the following:

  • Confer with your designated academic advisor to develop a degree completion plan
  • Register for the courses specifically required for your program
  • Complete each course in a timely fashion with a satisfactory grade (B or better)
  • Start planning your long-term career. Meet with the MPA Career Advisor to identify your goals and begin planning your path to achieving them. 

We have invested in your success, but only you can make sure it happens. Along with all the faculty and staff in the MPA programs, we welcome you to embark on a successful academic journey.


Dr. Elaine Lu and Dr. Denise Thompson, MPA Directors