Frequently Asked Questions

Course Registration                                                                    

Q: How can I find out which classes I need to register for the upcoming semester?

Ans: Contact your MPA Academic Advisor – Online program advisor Fatima Pujols or PPA advisor Melissa or schedule an advisement session via AdvisorTrac using your John Jay College email and password to discuss course selection. Students may also refer to their Degree Completion Plan (DCP) for registration.                                                                                                                              

Q: How can I receive an overtally?                                                                                            

Ans: Contact your MPA academic advisor – Online program advisor Fatima Pujols or PPA advisor Melissa Joseph Please include the instructor name, course number and section when requesting an overtally (advisor may grant permission only under specific conditions).

Degree Completion Plan (DCP)

Q: Whom should I contact to create/update/finalize a DCP?                                      

Ans: Contact your MPA Academic Advisor – Online program advisor Fatima Pujols or PPA advisor Melissa Joseph Please note a Degree Completion Plan consists of the courses the student needs to enroll in per semester.


Q: Under which circumstance can I temporarily lift the hold on my account?                       

Ans: Course registration, transcript requests and diploma                                                                                      

Q: Who can lift the hold on my account?                                                                                        

Ans: An MPA PPA/IO academic advisor                                                                                                        

Q: Who should I contact to remove my admissions hold?                                                             

Ans:  Graduate admissions:

Textbook Inquiries

Q: How can I obtain the electronic version of a textbook?                                                         

Ans: The MPA program offers open education resources (OER) in replacement for the physical textbooks. Check your course syllabi for links and instructions to gain textbook access. If the course professor does not provide this information in the syllabi, contact him/her via email. Please be advised the MPA program does not offer textbooks for all courses – students may have to purchase these books at their own expense. For further questions or concerns, contact                                                                                                         

Q: Who should I contact to find out about my outstanding textbooks?

Ans: Contact                                                                       

Q: Can students purchase textbooks from the MPA program?                                                                                     

Ans: The MPA program does not sell textbooks.                                                                                                                               

Q: Are students allowed to pay a fee for damaged textbooks?                                                                                     

Ans: We do not accept fees. If the textbook is lost or severely damaged, you will have to purchase replacements at own your expense.                                                                                                                                     

Q: How can I return my iPad or textbooks?                                                                                 

Ans: Campus remains closed due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. We are unable to accept textbooks and iPads by mail or in person. Please check your JJC email account for new updates on iPads and textbooks returns. For further information or clarification, contact                                                                             

Q: How can an alumnus receive MPA program updates?                                                      

Ans: Email your MPA academic advisor and request to be put on the MPA Listserv.                

Academic Advisement

Q: Where can I schedule an academic advisement appointment to meet with an advisor?

Ans: Visit AdvisorTrac : using your John Jay College email and password to schedule an appointment.                                                                                             

Q: How do I schedule an appointment if I have trouble accessing Advisortrac?

Ans: You can contact advisors Fatima Pujols or Melissa Joseph to request an appointment for academic advisement. If you are unable to reach an advisor or encounter difficulties, please contact to schedule an appointment.                                                             

Q:What should I do if my advisor has not contacted me?                                                                      

Ans: Contact

Declaration of Specialization                                                                           

Q: How can I declare/change my specialization?                                                            

Ans: First notify your advisor whether you want to declare/change specialization. Then, select the specialization form that applies to your program (links below). Once the form is completed, please send it to your assigned advisor.                                                                                                                               

Link to Public Policy and Administration                                                                                                                       

Link to Inspection and Oversight

Q: When is the deadline to declare my specialization?                          

Ans: Deadline is at 15 credits. Students who are interested in declaring their specialization before 15 credits may do so by informing their academic advisor and then filling out the appropriate application.


Q: Who do I need to contact to check my graduation status?                                                    

Ans: Contact Registrar Audit


Q: How can I readmit to the MPA program?                                                                              

Ans: Visit to fill out readmission application.

Career Advisement

Q: Where can I find job opportunities?                                                                                       

Ans: Visit John Jay Careers online website Students are also encouraged to view their JJC email for MPA Careers Featured Opportunities & Newsletter by career advisor Mechelle Grayson.                                                                                                                      

Q: How can I get assistance on job search/career guidance/internships/resume/ cover letter?                                                    

Ans: Contact MPA career advisor, Mechelle Grayson

For appointments: