AIG Mentorship Program

This is a special opportunity for students to be mentored by experienced members of the Inspector General (“IG”) community who want to assist and guide students to become members of the Inspection and Oversight profession.  This is an invitation for MPA /IO students who want to be part of this program to submit an application of participation.


Program Description:

The Mentorship Program will provide Graduate Students (mentees) the opportunity to expand their knowledge and professional network under the tutelage of IG professionals. Mentees will be paired with mentors in specialty areas to include, but not limited to, investigations, inspections, audits, legal, policy, and digital forensics. The mentoring will be for at least one full semester. Mentors will be current members of the Association of Inspectors General who will volunteer their time to offer personal and professional insight related to their roles within the field, including Inspector General, Deputy Inspector General, and Legal Counsel. Other roles include Investigative and Audit Managers/Supervisors, Investigators, Auditors, and Analysts.

Mentors will meet with Mentees on a regularly established basis to discuss agreed-upon topics of interest, including but not limited to, professional and/or personal experiences, career advice, current trends of the job market and hiring tips, innovations within the field and/or share information regarding current investigations, audits, and/or policy reviews. Meetings will take place as established by the mentor and mentee including over the phone, Skype or in-person (where possible).


Program Goals:

  1. Prepare Mentees to explore various career advancement paths within the IG field, based on the Mentor’s experience and/or insight stemming form their own career path, educational and/or personal experience.
  2. Expand the Mentee’s knowledge on how the Mentee’s skill sets could be applied to the IG field/community (e.g. auditors, investigators, statisticians, digital forensics, networking and/or skill building, etc.)
  3. Create an opportunity for networking, professional, educational, training and/or certification opportunities, for Mentees.


Eligibility Requirements: 

Current MPA-IO Graduate Students who have or will be completing 15 total credit hours towards the Mentee’s degree requirement for their selected MPA-IO Program specialization:

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Independent and Contractual Inspection and Oversight
  • Inspection and Oversight of Health Services
  • International Inspection and Oversight
  • Investigation and Operational Inspection
  • Justice Policy and Oversight (Honors Specialization)
  • Law and Inspection and Oversight
  • Organizational Assessment and Monitoring

While preference will be given for IO students, PPA students who demonstrate interest in the field of investigations and inspection and oversight are welcomed to apply. 

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