Writing Support Program

Writing is a fundamental skill that all successful people have. Our goal is to ensure that John Jay College MPA students strengthen their writing capabilities to succeed in their academic and professional careers. Our dedicated writing coaches provide individualized coaching on various student writing samples. Each semester, writing coaches are assigned to specific Public Policy and Administration (MPA-PPA) and Investigation and Oversight (MPA-IO) sections, available to both campus and online students. In those sections, the writing coach assesses a writing assignment for all students enrolled in that class. The writing coach consultation allows MPA students to submit their very best versions of the required assignment. The writing coaches equip students with tools for writing that they can use both in their graduate studies and their professional careers. In the past, our writing support program has yielded highly positive reviews from both MPA students and faculty.   

Our writing coaches are highly experienced adjunct faculty members who are academically and professionally qualified to assist MPA students in improving their writing skills. If you have questions regarding the writing support program, please contact Joseph Mahmud (jmahmud@jjay.cuny.edu).