Fall 2020 Textbook Distribution Update

Dear MPA Students,   

As classes are starting soon, we want to inform everyone that the MPA Bookroom is still currently closed due to the COVID19 issue. Therefore, the MPA Program will continue to offer online education resources to students enrolled in select courses. This means you will have access to online reading material in place of the textbooks that we normally distributed before summer 2020. You will find these resources in your course syllabus. Also, please refer to your course syllabus and professor for any additional requirements. If you have textbooks from prior semesters, kindly hold on to them until further notice. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these uncertain times.

For advising and general inquiries, contact mpaadvising@jjay.cuny.edu

For textbook/textbook hold inquiries, contact mpatextbooks@jjay.cuny.edu




The MPA-IO program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice equips future public servants with the knowledge, skills, and leadership experiences necessary to advance integrity, accountability, inclusiveness, and justice in society and governance. 

One of the highlights of the grogram is our close relationship with the national Association of Inspectors General (AIG), where our student are members. One of the benefits of this relationship is that our students get to attend the annual AIG conference that brings together many of the countries Inspection and oversight leaders and students often get to interact with these industry leaders. Another benefit is the mentorship program with AIG for students entering the Investigation and Oversight Field.

Inspection and oversight professionals conduct detailed investigations to ensure adherence to standards, rules and regulations in areas that range from organizational and program assessments, review processes and procedures in accounting, security, to ensure that all efforts adhere to the appropriate standards, rules and regulations. If you feel a strong sense of respect for rules and regulations, keeping operations running by the book bring it to our program and let us help you nurture it.

Careers options

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Independent and Contractual Inspection and Oversight
  • Inspection and Oversight of Health Services
  • International Inspection and Oversight (examining corruption, fraud, waste, abuse)
  • Investigation and Operational Inspection
  • Justice Policy and Oversight (Honors Specialization)
  • Law and Inspection and Oversight
  • Organizational Assessment and Monitoring